Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you can walk onto our parasail boat by yourself, and if you can sit down, you should be able to Parasail. The harness is much like a swing at the park, with a backstap, you dont even have to hold yourself in.
Each Parasail boat has a self contained launch and recovery system on the boat. You simply take off and land directly from the back of the boat. You don’t have to get wet. Getting wet can be half the fun. We do offer touch ‘n go’s, where we slow down and touch your toes in the water.
We take children as young as 6 years old and have also flown some 95 years old. Our minimum weight to fly alone is around 150 lbs., but it does increase and decrease throughout the day. The maximum combined weight is approximately 450 lbs., but it also goes up and down throughout the day. Wind and weather conditions change and will determine if individuals can fly single, tandem, or triple.
Each flight is 8 – 10 minutes long. The whole adventure once you leave the dock is about 1 hour, and depends on the number of people on board. Our 35′ Ocean Pro can accomodate up to 15 guests, but we usually limit it to 12 parasailors.
Yes, that’s how most of our customers fly. We call that a tandem flight. We also fly triples at the captain’s discretion.
The standard flight is 600 feet of line. On average a 600 foot towline will put you 350 feet up in the air. It is possible to see the curvature of the earth on any flight with the right wind, ocean condition, boat traffic and other factors.
No one parasailing has ever been attacked by a shark or any other fish. Parasailing takes place on the Ocean, and sharks do live in the ocean, but, we can confidently say they have never been interested in parasailing.
To ensure this never happens, we insist on a rigorous maintenance program for all our equipment. In the unlikely event of problems with the boat of tow line, the parasail would gently float down and you would gentle land in the water.
Each of our captain has a Masters license from the United States Coast Guard. It takes a minimum of two years of “sea-time” just to be eligible for this exam. Each year of sea-time takes about 18 months working as a full-time crew member or deckhand.
First and foremost congratulations! Unfortunately our insurance will not allow anyone that is pregnant to parasail or even go on the boat as an observer. Please come back and fly with us at a later time.
Unfortunately due to the bumpy-ness of the boat ride we do not suggest you parasail or ride along as an observer.
That depends on each individual’s abilities. To fly you must get onto the boat.. Once onboard the Parasail boat you will be harnessed up and will need to walk about 10 feet to the flight deck while climbing up 3 steps. If you can manage these steps on your own, you can Parasail. Our crew can assist but are unable to physically carry passengers.
Please feel free to bring a camera or a video camera on the boat. However, we only allow waterproof or disposable camera up in flight, for obvious reasons.
We suggest since the air and ocean temperatures are so warm in St Thomas and St John, that you come prepared to fly in your bathing suit. You may wear your tux or evening gown if you prefer.
We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation for a complete refund.
Yes, we offer a digital photo package. We offer an SD card with 25 pre-loaded pics of the area. We then take a minimum of 15 pictures of your parasail adventure.